How to Remove Urine Smell from a Mattress

mother and daughterHaving a small child or toddler would have been familiar with the smell of urine due to the habit of bed wetting at night.

Although you’ve dried the mattress, but the smell of urine on the mattress is still there.

This is certainly very disturbing your toddler comfort while sleeping. Do not worry! There are smart tips that can help you get rid of the smell of urine on a mattress. These are the steps to remove the smell of urine.

1. If the affected area is still damp, sprinkle with a little of baking soda on it. It will overcome the wetness as well as the odor.
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How To Keep The Paint From Peeling Off The Walls

green paintThough you have just repainted the walls, do the paint of walls in your home is often peeling off? Well, let me tell you the secret to keep the paint from peeling. In order to the paint of the wall remain durable and not easy to peel, you need to rough up the old paint with sand paper first before starting to paint the wall. Moreover, always use good quality primer paint. You should never paint without primer, because it binds the paint and also creates a base.

Furthermore, in order to prevent paint from chipping and peeling, then notice the time of painting. The time of painting should be chosen carefully. If the painting is done in the rainy day, the paint will takes longer to dry. Likewise, if a painting is done in a very hot sun conditions, the results are not really good.

The result of painting on the outside wall or surface will dry earlier than the inside. This could potentially cause the paint cracks, bubbles or peeling off. The ideal time to do the painting is in dry conditions and not when the sun is very hot.

Simple and Cheap Home Decor for Your House

brass lampWhen you are going to build or just renovate your house, you must think about the new decoration for your house. A nice and comfortable décor will be so great in your house. If you are looking forward to make a comfortable house, you have to make sure that all the decors are suitable with the theme. However, do you think that home décor is expensive? Then you have to forget that you have ever thought about that.

There are many home decor ideas that you can browse and apply on your house. To get a nice and excellent home décor you do not have to spend huge amount of money. You can start looking for some home decorations that you have already had. If you are creative and motivated enough, you can get a house with an elegant, nice, and excellent decoration but it is in cheap cost. You can reuse some old decorations from your old house or you can buy it from some second hand furniture stores, thrift stores or flea markets. There are many great choices there that you might never realize.
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The Benefits of Vinegar for Household Cleanser

The Benefits of Vinegar for Household CleanserVinegar is not only used for cooking, vinegars also have other functions that help you clean your household devices. Here are the benefits of vinegar for household cleanser:

To clean barbecue grill
Grilling with family and friends is very interesting, but sometimes you feel lazy when you have to clean up the grill.

Did you know, the easiest way to clean the grill is by spraying vinegar on it, and then brush until clean, and the grill will be clean as before.
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Preparing a Room For a New Baby

baby bedroomPreparing for baby’s room is one of the very fun activities to welcome the baby home. When preparing a special room for the baby, we have to consider several things such as:

Choose a simple and practical baby gear
The equipment that must exist in the nursery room is a baby bed and a table. Choose a baby bed and a table that has a simple and practical design.

Although currently you find many models of baby bed and many table designs that are unique and attractive, choose a simple baby bed and table that you are easy to lull your baby.

You should also consider the durability of the baby bed so that it can be used in a long time. Choose crib that is large enough so that it can be used by infants until the age of 2-3 years.
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